... Stay awake ...

دیگر نباید خفت

... Stay awake ...

دیگر نباید خفت

... Stay awake ...

خیلی کار عقب مانده داریم ... دیگر نباید خفت !!!

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? what is religion

Thursday, 16 June 2016، 01:13 AM

Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate, has sent instruction for our happiness. His guidance and instructions were brought to us by the Prophets.

Prophets have shown us the way to knowledge of Allah and of the best way of living.

The Prophets have told us:

* How to behave with our friends.

* How to respect our mother and father.

* How to thank our teacher.

The Prophets have told us:

* How to beseech Allah the Merciful and kind.

* What deeds to perform for Allah to be pleased with us.

* What things we need for our future in the Hereafter.

What is Religion?

The instructions and programmes that the Prophets have brought for our lives are called "religion".

Who is religions?

A person who believes in God and in the Hereafter, and who follows the instructions of the Prophet, is "religious".

Allah loves religious people and gives them a good reward. People who are religious live well in this world, and will be blessed in the Hereafter too.

موافقین ۲ مخالفین ۰ 16/06/16
muslim student

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